The Thinking 


January 29, 2016

A COMMENTER at Fellowship of the Minds writes:

If you go back through all the various video clips of Ammon Bundy and co. at the Malheur wildlife refuge [in Oregon], you will notice that they were all dressed like regular working men. They are not/were not “militiamen” nor did they ever claim to be – with the exception of Ryan Payne.

The media started calling the peaceful protesters at the Malheur wildlife refuge “militants,” “armed militants,” “militiaman,” “armed militiamen,” “terrorists,” “armed terrorists,” “armed protesters,” etc. The leftist-(mostly)-media did this to demonize, marginalize, and de-humanize the protesters, the media’s goal was to make the protesters appear to be crazed fanatics intent on overthrowing the government, taking control of the area, etc, etc.

The protesters were nothing even remotely like a militia.

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