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July 16, 2016

THE NICE terror event involved dummies, fake blood, the standard I.D. left behind by the perpetrator; bodies left unattended by emergency personnel, in violation of all standard protocol (fake bodies — always covered with sheets — must be used to convey the scene; that’s why they are not taken to hospitals); an absence of independent cell phone video footage in an area where phones are commonplace and the usual calculated, emotionally-charged imagery, such as the heart-wrenching image of a covered body with an intact baby doll next to it.

— Comments —

Lydia Sherman writes:

(Fake) crisis photos are always blurry.

Laura writes:

There is virtually no blood at the scene in Nice. There should have been blood everywhere.

Mike King compares this train which hit one animal:


With the squeaky-clean truck in Nice (other images at his site):


Laura writes:

The goal is to demoralize.

These events are just part of the ongoing demoralization of the West, the stripping away (with the  acquiescence of the people) of all the strengths and virtues that have formed it.

So even though many people sense something is amiss or even know that it’s fake, that’s okay. These skeptics have lost faith in their leadership, and for those who have almost a religious faith in the virtue of their governments, who don’t really believe that Original Sin pertains to their leaders, this is profoundly demoralizing — that’s good for the cryptocracy, which wants to bring about a collapse of Western societies.

These events are a spiritual challenge.

Mrs. Sherman writes:

I see. Well, it works. I find it difficult to ignore it and get on with my life. Somehow, we have to show how to overcome it and live the way God wants us to, ignoring the supposed chaos. I suppose if we did that, we would be accused of burying our heads in the sand, like the ostrich.

The ostrich does not actually bury its head in the sand to ignore life around him, but to see what is beneath the surface. He lays his head sideways on the ground to listen to vibrations and things of danger, as well as to detect food supply.

Where we are really beaten and suffering is the demoralization of the home and the lack of loyalty and cohesiveness in the family.

Look what happened in the 1900’s when the artists, authors, musicians, and public people smashed anything decent from the past. Modern artists intimidated national museums into removing the good art and displaying their cubism and picasso-ism to the public. I sometimes think e real reason the Victorians frowned in the photos was because they were demoralized by the scientists, crazy religions, outrageous flapper costumes and the new, loud music. They saw their world crumbling with wars and rumors of wars. They may have retreated to their rocking chairs and sat tight-lipped in their rocking chairs on their porches. It was probably better than talking to fools.

Call Me Jorge writes:

Looks as if Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel is alive and well in Tunisia. (See this link) He must have had his identity stolen. Wonder whose modus operandi that is? The French media also doesn’t mention anything about the two accomplices anymore. One helped him acquire the truck and the other was apprehended after the shootout. Hollande only 12 hours before the truck rampage told the French on national television, “We can’t extend the state of emergency indefinitely, it would make no sense. That would mean we’re no longer a republic with the rule of law applied in all circumstances.” Which is very different from what he said when he addressed the nation of France after the truck rampage. “I will now announce that the state of emergency which was meant to be lifted will be extended a further three months” and “Following this we will show real force and military action in Iraq and Syria.” Who benefits from these policies?

By the way, an excellent blog you have here. Always makes us think. Keep up the good work!

Laura writes:

Thank you.

David writes:

Let the hoax frenzy end – but there again perhaps the investment in the narrative is too great.

I stay tune for you to at least consider the ‘slimmest possibility’  that a truck was used to kill 80 odd people. See the video here.

Laura writes:

I always consider it possible that it happened, but it’s best to approach all news reports of massacres that have major political ramifications and lead to the advance of martial law and the police state apparatus, as well as further war in the Middle East, with serious skepticism, as every thinking person should after 9/11. Once the tell tale signs of a false flag are there, such as those mentioned in the original entry, then people should seek more definite proof that it happened. I certainly hope no one was killed.

The video is very unclear. I actually don’t recommend it because it shows little except the truck approaching the crowd and a man yelling for his daughter (he is screaming in English), with others screaming. It is disturbing and could indeed be a scene of real murder, but it does not show much. Where are all the hundreds of other cell phone images that should be available?

The hoax frenzy will end when hoaxes end.

You write:

perhaps the investment in the narrative is too great.

That’s right: our governments and the media are very invested in a certain narrative.

Roland M. writes:

I am writing from Germany und I visit your blog daily und I must admit I appreciate your blog activity very much.

However, I want to emphasize that your claim about the event in Nice are erroneous.

My nephew, who is firefighter, was this evening on duty and on-site presence. He had to take care of  the wounded and the clear the dead away. I assure you that this terrorist attack was no hoax.

I am a Frenchman and I have been living in Germany for 30 years.

Laura writes:

Thank you.

I am sure your brother or someone he knows took photos or videos of the horrible carnage. Please ask him to send them to me.

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