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The Man Behind “Sexual Orientation”

August 30, 2016



John Money

EVER wonder who coined the Orwellian term “sexual orientation?” Or who first referred to “gender” instead of “sex?”

The man behind these innovations is John Money, a Johns Hopkins psychologist and “sexologist,” who also was largely responsible for the first sex change operations in this country.

Mr. Money, who died in 2006, started the Johns Hopkins Sexual Identity Clinic and had a full academic and clinical career. But in any normal society, Mr. Money would have been an outcast and would have spent time in jail for his part in the mutilation and sexual abuse of a young boy and the sexual abuse of his brother.

The modern-day transgender movement began in child abuse.

Max Roscoe wrote a full account of the case of David Reimer in Return of the Kings last year. When Reimer was injured as a baby in a botched circumcision, Money convinced his parents to have further surgery; treat the boy with synthetic hormones and raise him as a girl. It was a living experiment on Money’s thesis that sex is a social construct. He also later conducted “therapy” on David, which involved exposing him to pornography and having him and his brother play-act sexual intercourse.

Both David Reimer and his brother killed themselves as adults.

Mr. Money was affiliated with Johns Hopkins up until his death. When he died, he was honored with this highly respectful obituary in The New York Times. The University of Minnesota hosts a John Money lecture series in “pediatric sexology.” And now there are literally thousands of David Reimers. Most have not had surgery, but they are encouraged to deny their biology by their own parents, thanks to perverts like Mr. Money. Many will be scarred for life.

The modern-day transgender movement began in child abuse and it continues in child abuse. But then few societies have been so committed to destroying the innocence of children as ours.

So now when you hear or read the terms “sexual orientation” or “gender,” you can put them into historical context.

— Comments —

Michael from New Jersey writes:

Who first referred to “gender” instead of “sex?”

.. I imagine it was some grammarian … “gender” is a property of words, “sex” is a property of animals … hence, the metaphoric application of “gender” to (mostly human) animals … what’s the big fuss? – or have I missed something?

Seriously, I have been reading the work of Paul McHugh for 40 plus years – as I recall he was appointed director of the clinic you reference at Johns Hopkins in the early 1970s (he may have succeeded J Money) and immediately brought to an end their sex re-assignment surgery program– to my knowledge, it has never resumed at J Hopkins. He continues that battle up to the present day now at the age of 85. I suspect you are familiar with some of his essays including some very recent, compelling summaries of his work.

Laura writes:

The change from “sex” to “gender” was not grammatical. It was political. “Sex” has a biological basis. “Gender” is all a social construct.

I referred to the Sexual Identity Clinic at Johns Hopkins. That was an error; it was the Gender Identity Clinic, which has since been changed to the Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit. As you say, it no longer performs sex change operations.

I wonder: Did Johns Hopkins ever publicly apologize for the harm it caused by sex change operations, which are nothing more than cleverly disguised mutilations?

I am not familiar with the work of Paul McHugh.

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