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The War Against Trump

January 30, 2017

THE opposition to Trump in the first weeks of his presidency is so extraordinary, it is arguably a threat to the institution of the presidency itself. In his column, “A Color Revolution is Underway in the United States,” The Saker looks at possible ways Trump could fight back, including attempting to prosecute those who have participated in the 9/11 cover-up and opening a news channel. The Saker writes:

The forces which are currently trying to impeach, overthrow or murder President Trump are a clear and present danger to the United States as a country and to the US Federal Republic. They are, to use a Russian word, a type of “non-system” opposition which does not want to accept the outcome of the elections and which by rejecting this outcome essentially oppose the entire political system. [Note: Has anyone tried to murder Trump? That seems overblown.]

I am not a US citizen (I could, but I refuse that citizenship on principle because I refuse to take the required oath of allegiance) and the only loyalty I owe the USA is the one of a guest: never to deliberately harm it in any way and to obey its laws. And yet it turns my stomach to see how easy it has been to turn millions of Americans against their own country. I write a lot about russophobia on this blog, but I also see a deep-seated “Americanophobia” or “USophobia” in the words and actions who today say that Trump is not their President. To them, they micro-identity as a “liberal” or as a “gay” or as “African-American” means more than the very basic fundamental principles upon which this country has been built. When I see these crowds of Trump-bashers I see pure, seething hatred not of the AngloZionist Empire, or of a plutocracy masquerading as a democracy, but a hatred of what I would call the “simple America” or the “daily America” – the simple people amongst whom I have now lived for many years and learned to respect and appreciate and whom the Clinton-bots only think of as “deplorables”.

It amazes me to see that the US pseudo-elites have as much hatred, contempt and fear of the American masses as the Russian pseudo-elites have hatred, contempt and fear of the Russian masses (the Russian equivalent or Hillary’s “deplorables” would be a hard to pronounce for English speakers word “быдло“, roughly “cattle”, “lumpen” or “rabble”). It amazes me to see that the very same people which have demonized Putin for years are now demonizing Trump using exactly the same methods. And if their own country has to go down in their struggle against the common people – so be it! These self-declared elites will have no compunction whatsoever to destroy the nation their have been parasitizing and exploiting for their own class interest. They did just that to Russia exactly 100 years ago, in 1917. I sure hope that they will not get away with that again in 2017. [emphasis added]

In related commentary, Place Jourdain explains why a federal judge’s emergency stay of Trump’s executive order blocking people from seven Muslim-majority from entering the United States and putting a temporary halt to refugee admissions is naked partisanship and could precipitate a constitutional crisis:

There are two things not readily apparent to Americans that are important to know about the action taken by this judge. The first, legal; the second, political.

First, note that the judge’s order blocks immigration authorities for sending people out of the United States “after they have landed at a U.S. airport with valid visas.”

This is an entirely unlawful act by the judge, completely at odds with basic, well-known United States law and, as such, the ruling can be nothing more than naked partisanship, an act aimed at negating a policy disagreed with, committed while acting under the color of law.

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