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Disgusting Pictures

February 7, 2017


You have many good and beautiful posts. To comment on the evils which deluge our society is useful. However, to post obscene pictures and to refer to other blogs that are vulgar is not helpful. It only puts thoughts and pictures into our minds that we should not have. Catholics are taught to avoid immoral literature and pictures. You are not helpful by posting such material. A good example of this is today’s comments and pictures from yesterday’s Super Bowl. I would not want my grandchildren reading your website.

Laura writes:

Thank you. I certainly understand your objection.

I try to stay away from obscene photos. Sometimes it’s hard to cover the cultural apocalypse without objectionable evidence. I don’t think I could capture Lady Gaga or Beyoncé in words. But I will try to be more conscious of alternatives.

By the way, I do not recommend this website for children, except perhaps individual posts when an adult is supervising. The content is serious and may be worrisome to them.

Laura adds:

I’ve retouched the photo of Lady Gaga in response to your complaint and placed a warning with the link to the other site, which is something else I occasionally do.

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