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Francis on “Indigenous Identity”

February 16, 2017


POPE” Francis remarks this week on the right of Native Americans to protect their traditions were in sharp contrast with the many negative, scolding statements he has made about Europeans trying to protect their cultures. As Novus Ordo Watch writes:

Far from it! Instead, Francis denounces the “indigenous Europeans” for rigidly clinging to their traditions, for being “closed in on themselves” and not welcoming the stranger! He accuses them of seeking refuge in certainties and “safe havens” that do not leave room for doubt, of suffering from psychological insecurity that “hides something”! He admonishes them for not being inclusive enough, for building walls instead of bridges, and for failing to see that every so-called “migrant” is basically a second Incarnation!

But then, the Native Americans practice pagan idolatry, and the heritage of Europeans is, well, the Catholic Church. Humble Francis, as we know, is opposed to the Catholic Church, as were his less bumbling predecessors, Benedict XVI and John Paul II. The latter never saw a form of pagan idolatry, even the worship of snakes in Africa, that he didn’t respect.

Francis did not mention this week, of course, that justice to the traditions of the Native Americans can never be achieved, nor true peace and stability be attained, unless they turn away from their false gods and recognize the One True Faith. Only then can the good in their heritage and their distinctive identity shine forth.

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