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Out-of-Control Children in Restaurants

February 15, 2017


A restaurant in Italy is offering a discount to families with well-behaved children. It’s a different approach in dealing with wayward children in restaurants.

Truth is, I’ve never witnessed the kind of behavior described in this article, but there is always a “first.” I find it amusing that the owner has devised his strategy of dealing with children without the experience of having his own.

— Comments —

Terry Morris writes:

Boy, if only I lived in Italy I could get a discount at this restaurant! But then again, had I lived in Nazi Germany my wife would have a government issued gold medallion for having eight kids. :-)

Laura writes:

In this age of hypersensitivity, some may think by your joke that you are advocating National Socialism. I am sure you are not. But to be clear, I do not support the racial theories of Adolph Hitler, which are very similar to those of Talmudic Judaism in believing in the mystical primacy of blood ties and race. National Socialism was based in paganism.

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