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Trump’s Anger at Mexico

February 10, 2017

WHILE many Americans want to stem the invasion of Mexican immigrants, the man they have elected to the presidency appears to have a personal grudge against the country. The language of his comments during the campaign were often hostile to the Mexican government itself, as if government operatives were actually sending criminals into America. Fred Reed offers a theory for this hostility: Trump was shortchanged in a business deal there.

The repeated assertion that Mexico is cheating the US, exploiting it, being unfair, (Oh! Poor widdle Colossus of the North) is either garishly ignorant, personally vindictive or, more likely, both. Mexico is governmentally weak, corrupt, and utterly under the thumb of the United States. Is NAFTA a Mexican plot against the US? Actually it forced Mexican farmers into competition with hopelessly superior American agriculture and drove them into the cities, where there are no jobs. Along the border American maquiladoras pay poor Mexicans miserably low wages. Mexico crawls with DEA agents forced on it from the north and loses countless lives fighting America’s drug war. On and on.

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Ron Crawford writes:

I like a lot of the articles you post as I do many of Fred’s. I think you are way off the mark on your posting regarding Trump and Mexico. For another point of view check out the latest posting at

Laura writes:


I tried to look at that site but it seems to be down.

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