The Thinking 

Disconnected from Reality

March 18, 2017

JAMES N. writes:

Another teacher-student sex story, of the sort that is depressingly familiar – although the running away is still rather uncommon. But what caught my attention was the quote far down in the article from “a family source:”  “It’s so hard to understand what would bring someone to do these kinds of things. I don’t understand how this is real life,” the source says.

But, of course, it’s EASY to understand what would bring someone (a man) to seek relations with a comely young woman, if society, and this family, knew anything about male sexuality, and someone who “doesn’t understand how this is real life” knows nothing about real life.

People who DID know about real life made sure that relations between the sexes were subject to stringent legal regulation, and strong social sanctions. When I was 15, and especially when I was 17-22, the common saying was “Fifteen will get you twenty”, meaning, sexual relations with a fifteen year old girl would result in twenty years in prison. And that was, more or less, a true fact. The dissolution of all social sanctions and most legal strictures have  allowed “real life” to degenerate into it’s more primitive form, where nature prevails.

And the modern high school, as I’m sure you know, tolerates or even encourages constant sexual temptation.

I hope the girl is not in danger, and I hope the teacher is caught. But when these things become “hard to understand” and seem like they are not “real life,” then it is a certainty that they will become commonplace.

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