The Thinking 

When Femininity Was Cherished

March 6, 2017


COLLEGES once created an environment in which women could learn and preserve themselves for marriage or another serious vocation. That environment depended on strict rules and recognized that 18-year-olds do not always possess good judgment. This author believes these rules were “absurd.” I guess she prefers drunken hook-ups and campus rape. She writes:

Though these rules existed at both men’s and women’s schools (see Spelman below), the concept of in loco parentis became almost ubiquitous between the 1940s and 1960s, when formerly all-male schools slowly opened their doors to women and the need to keep a strict eye on the sexes and maintain women’s propriety became the primary focus of school administrators. Thus, while male students were allowed to dress as they pleased, study where they pleased, move off campus, drink, smoke, and throw parties, female students were subjected to strict curfews and dress codes, constant monitoring and supervision, and harsh punishment for even the most minor violations of these endless rules.

Anyone with common sense and a few archival photos can see that college women have undergone a dramatic loss in dignity.

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