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Catholic or Communist?

May 18, 2017

THE NEW ORDER sect, or Novus Ordo, has stripped Catholic worship and art of transcendence. A good example is the new logo for World Youth Day, the mass pep rally and globalist youth adventure that will be held in Panama in 2017. Is the logo a snake devouring a cross or a religious version of the hammer and sickle? Is it Communist or corporate?

Whatever, it’s not inspiring. It’s not beautiful. It’s not divine. It’s not Catholic.

— Comments —

Johanna writes:

Following the Logo’s assorted links on “Novus Ordo Watch” to the World Youth Day’s “official explanation” translated, I found it ironic that there is a “typo”(I think) in the final sentence. Instead of the expected World Youth Day, one reads, “World You Day.”


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