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How to Break the College Racket

May 17, 2017

FROM The Anti-New York Times:

Step 1: Corporations are already regulated as semi-public entities when it comes to hiring and promoting. For that reason, corporations may not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion etc. This policy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t extend to purely private operations and small “mom and pops.” By simply adding non-college degree applicants to the list of “protected classes,” corporations would be forced to consider qualified job applicants who were self-taught, tutored, apprenticed or attended local study groups.

Step 2: Certainly, prospective employers have every right to know if an applicant possesses the necessary minimal base of knowledge, raw intelligence, skills and aptitude for learning to meet the entry-level job requirements. The government and the corporations can work together to devise a set of standardized examinations for every course or general field imaginable. A student needs to only pass a series of exams, administered for a small fee, to obtain his or her “piece of paper” with a score. This new system will trigger an exodus away from the criminal colleges as students learn what they need to from other sources, including online self-study, small training schools, and company-sponsored classes, lectures, and apprenticeships for bright high school grads. Colleges will only continue to exist if they adapt and cut out the unnecessary credits and all of the administrative and faculty fat — which they surely will, out of market necessity.

Step 3: For certain forms of study that are not 100% suitable for self-study (for example: medical students working on cadavers, science students conducting lab experiments, or law students arguing practice cases), the colleges, or smaller training schools, can still fill in the gaps. These details for special cases can be worked out in collaboration with employers from such areas.

— Comments —

George Weinbaum writes:

[Mike King’s] proposal will never fly. Why? It’s discriminatory! A disproportionate percentage of Negroes and Hispanics will fail the exam.

I suggest you read Griggs v. Duke Power, 401 US 424 (1971) about disparate impact.  A recent application of “disparate impact” theory was to the New York City (NYC) fireman exam. A federal judge had NYC adjust the exam until about 98% of white applicants passed and 96% of Negro applicants. This story was covered at

Every exam will show Negroes are about one standard deviation below whites. The American answer: “reverse scarecrowism” from the Wizard of Oz. All must get degrees. Eighty-six percent of whites graduate high school today as do 79 percent of Negroes. Think about it. Why?

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