The Thinking 

Swedish Multiculturalism

May 4, 2017


SWEDISH journalist Ingrid Carlqvist has created some controversy by looking at the roots of the disastrous policy of multiculturalism in Sweden. The Swedes are on their way to becoming a minority in their own country. Why? How was their famous homogeneity destroyed?

“Most people want to be popular, they want to be loved … I don’t really care about that,” Carlqvist says. “My mission in this life is … when I understand something … it is my duty to tell other people about it. And many times, people say, ‘We don’t like what you’re saying.’ But that doesn’t matter to me. I need to tell it.'”

[I am not a regular listener of Red Ice Radio and this post, as with all posts here, is not an endorsement of all its content. I apologize for the blasphemous aside by Henrik Palmgren in this otherwise good interview.]

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