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The Illuminati Candidate

May 13, 2017


CONFITEOR DEO writes from France:

The official result for Emmanuel Macron in the election against Marine Le Pen last Sunday was 66.06 percent of votes cast. The resemblance to the number of the beast is quite unsettling.

The name “Emmanuel” means God with us and “Macron” is almost an anagram of monarch. Macron, however, is the complete opposite of what his name suggests and as ever, the devil inverts truth and lies. Note the long lonely walk by Macron from the shadow towards the light in the courtyard of the Louvre.

The walk was accompanied by the music from Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, its lyrics matching the aspirations of Freemasonry.

The pyramid in front of the Louvre, with its 666 panes of glass, is the starting point of a Masonic axis that runs in a perfect line from the Louvre to the Grande Arche de la Fraternité at La Défense. This arch is actually an overturned altar complete with altar canopy. Both the pyramid and the Grande Arche were inaugurated under President François Mitterrand. They were inaugurated in 1989 to mark the 200 year anniversary of the French manifestation of the ongoing world revolution against God, the throne and the natural order.


The Louvre pyramid


La Grande Arche de la Fraternité

The enthronement of Emmanuel Macron, is yet one more ritual, such as the ceremony for the Gotthard Tunnel or the 2012 London Olympic opening and closing events, that involve the masters of the earth telling the masses who’s really in charge.

There were irregularities reported that favoured Macron in both rounds of the election but it’s fairly certain that he was going to win against Marine le Pen at least in the final round. The system had to ensure a Macron presidency by getting him to the second round against Le Pen. There are also suggestions that Le Pen deliberately ruined her chances by a dismal performance in the TV debate with Macron. She should have won this debate without even trying. When you only have one shot, you had better use it wisely. Her stupid dance moves after her defeat showed to her millions of supporters a totally carefree attitude regarding the catastrophe that just took place.

Just as Trump was perceived by many as the last chance to beat the system, Le Pen represented a similar electoral promise. Both have failed because ultimately, man without the grace of God can do absolutely nothing, and, neither Trump or Le Pen show any signs of being anywhere close to being in a state of grace.

I will never vote again.

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