The Thinking 

Trump and Refugees

May 8, 2017

ANN CORCORAN, of the website Refugee Resettlement Watchwhich documents how federal refugee contractors (“non-profit” organizations that have a vested interest in more “refugees”) move large numbers of refugees into mostly smaller American cities and towns, was wildly pro-Trump during the election season.

Her enthusiasm has declined dramatically.

As she recently reported, more refugees have entered the U.S. since January than in the previous ten years and there is no sign of a let up. See more here. (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel — all much closer to the home countries of the refugees and thus more logical choices — all take none.) The Trump administration now seems uninterested and “continues admitting refugees as if nothing was ever said (before or after the Presidential campaign).”

Trump has also said nothing about the “Diversity Visa Lottery.”

[Note: Unfortunately, Corcoran buys into the nutty conspiracy theory that Muslim immigrants destroyed the World Trade Center Towers and that Islamic terror is a pressing problem in the U.S.]

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