The Thinking 

A Father’s Hell

June 17, 2017

JEFF writes in response to the previous post:

Gay “marriage” is certainly an abomination. Sadly, so is most modern heterosexual marriage.

My wife divorced me. She took both of my sons. I get four days a month on the “standard possession” order. I have no conservator rights over my children because I had a far left, Black Lives Matter, radical feminist “judge.” My wife has told my son James, since gaining control, that he is a girl. She dresses him as a girl. Presents him as a girl. She enrolled him in kindergarten as “Luna” his girl name. She’s entered him in a clinic that does sex changes on children.

James is five years old. Five. Years. Old. His saint name is Damien after Saints Cosmas and Damien. May they intercede for their namesake, my son.

[In contrast], what if I had used a surrogate? She could not have taken my sons from me. James would not have been abused. I would not be in this accursed state. The laws have made fatherhood into slavery and motherhood into tyranny.

That gay man has more right to his son than a natural father like myself. The social incentives are poor for everyone.

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