The Thinking 


June 16, 2017


Hair stylist Laurentius Puranama poses with the son he conceived with an Indian surrogate. Laurentius lives with his son and “husband” in Philadelphia.

A FIRE is raging through our world — an inferno that is consuming the innocence of children.

When the Our Lady appeared to the three children at Fatima, Portugal, she spread her hands and showed them a vision of hell:

“The beam of light seemed to penetrate the earth, and we saw as it were a vast sea of fire, in which were plunged, all blackened and burnt, demons and souls in human form like transparent brands. Raised into the air by the flames they fell back in all directions, like sparks in a huge fire, without weight or poise, amidst loud cries and horrible groans of pain and despair which caused us to shudder with fear…”

Are we not glimpsing the flames of hell too?

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