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Canadian Dissident Threatened and Robbed

July 13, 2017



ALFRED SCHAEFER’S home in Germany was recently raided by police and his video recording equipment confiscated. It was the second time the Canadian engineer has been harassed by police, who were taking orders from B’nai Brith, the extremely powerful, Jews-only secret society, for his videos protesting pervasive psychological warfare (the videos are posted online). Schaefer says, “1984 is here today. We have lost our ability to think and to speak clearly. ” He stands unofficially accused of “hate crimes” for his challenges to the public understanding of the “Holocaust” and 9/11. He writes:

Dear Friends!

A few days ago, on July 6 at exactly 6:00 AM, our door bell rang ferociously, as if some berserk madman was about to kick in the door. My wife and I jumped out of bed. I told her do not open just yet, but hold them off for a few seconds. OK, then in they came, seven armed thugs with guns, bullet-proof vests and handcuffs, accompanied by one “witness” from the town administration.

Fortunately, Schaefer is amassing supporters around the world, including Jewish supporters — those who know they also have been victimized by lies and want to fight them. He writes:

The timing of this raid and the consequences are amazing. I just returned from a Canadian speaking tour that consisted of 14 presentations in 11 cities, from Toronto to Victoria. After arriving in Toronto I learned that Global TV wanted to interview me in Calgary when I was due to arrive there about a week later. Upon arrival, they backed down with a pathetic excuse after our team insisted on recording the entire interview as well. It may also have something to do with the fact that they (B’nai Brith) were the ones who provided me with priceless material for my most recent video’s, in particular this one: 1984 + 33 = 2017

My latest video ought to get them even more upset. In this video I show the “anti-Holocaust” meme. It works very well. “Anti-Holocaust meme“.

The speaking tour in Canada gave me great optimism, learning that many people are coming to the same conclusions, independently, and finding their new direction and purpose, by working to resolve this. In fact, most young people no longer need explaining when the meme “JQ” is used. They know it is the “Jewish Question”.

Every move that the Jews now make seems to accelerate the inevitable total implosion of their unsustainable construct of lies and deceptions. They will have a lot of explaining to do.

If you are Jewish and innocent of any wrongdoing because you simply believed the lies like almost all of us non-Jews also did, see this as an opportunity to help us come out of this mess together. You can help me financially to get my studio back up and running. When B’nai Brith orders my things stolen, their treasonous stooges here in Germany never ever return any of it, and it leaves me with large bills. Helping me now will certainly put you in a better light than if you did absolutely nothing. I already have some very good “ex-Jewish” friends who have provided me with moral support and good information. [emphasis added]

Some people may be depressed by what is happening, but I am so happy to be living now, with the ability to do constructive work to remedy an otherwise seemingly hopeless situation. With your help, we can do so much more.


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