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Swedish Insanity

July 13, 2017

A READER writes:

I wanted to share with you this e-mail I sent today.  We must speak back to those who fill our papers with such lies:

Dear Emma and Lee,

I’m very concerned over your recent article [advising Swedes to have fewer children] …

The current birthrate in Sweden is 1.89, while in Germany and Norway it is lower than this. However, the sub-replacement fertility rate is under 2.1 children. So in effect all three of these countries are headed for complete collapse.

How can you responsibly post a piece that suggests a ‘moral’ obligation to have FEWER children in Europe or other Western nations with civilization-level collapse birthrates?

This is in fact a destructive position that will only further the complete collapse of your own society.

As a former expat in Sweden, I am sickened at such lies.


Disgusted in Virginia


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