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Down with Capitalism!

August 8, 2017


Feeding the Chickens, Frederick Osborne

BRADEN N. PLYLER writes at The Counter Revolution:

American capitalism is as intrinsically evil as communism. This isn’t a controversial or centrist position to take. Capitalism and communism are not a dichotomy, as there are a plethora of other systems to choose from. While in the West communism is viewed as a force of evil, and capitalism its opposite, they have more in common than one would think.

Both are two sides of the same coin – materialism. Any idea which supposes material ownership is above morality (or in a case where morality is exclusively based on rules pertaining to materialism) is a system in which God and people do not matter.

While communism is a system which usually erodes and fails after a certain amount of time, secularist capitalism is a slow and agonizing death. Morality should never be a “free market”, and truly, luxury or greed should never be what dictates economic policy.

One virtue of capitalism is that compared to communism, private property is allowed. Truly, private property is the basis of the need for the state and healthy to man. Where it fails to uphold private property is that wealth concentrates very quickly as agrarianism tends to give way to urbanization. Land and wealth concentrates among a certain elite, who usually end up bribing or paying off government officials, which usually gives rise to socialist-like policies. Even worse, mass capitalism of all aspects of society would be anarchy, where the worship of capital is above all other values. No morality would exist but greed.

My proposition is that freedom can be found in a system which acts as if God and people truly did matter, which is rarely the case of communism or capitalism. The [first] is a worship of the state with the end goal of mass luxury, and the latter the idolatry of wealth without good reason.

A system based on natural law and agrarianism is healthy to man. A system which encourages small business and farming which includes the family rather than slaving away for corporations is extremely beneficial.


Embrace the local. Reject the globalist ideologies of modern capitalism and communism, and their variants.

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