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“Holocaust” Son Finds 500 Relatives

August 3, 2017


Family Reunion for Alex Kafri. Haaretz

ALEX KAFRI “was given to believe” that his father’s family had been entirely wiped out in German gas chambers during World War II, Haaretz reports.

But Kafri recently learned after his father’s death that in fact he had many relatives on his father’s side. A huge reunion took place in London last week. This is a happy story, folks.

May there be many more of these happy reunions.

This story is as happy as the admission by Polish and Jewish authorities that after years of reporting that four million Jews were killed at Auschwitz, no more than 1.1 to 1.5 million inmates of various religions died there. The whole world should rejoice that millions did not perish there!

Incidentally, the American Jewish Committee estimated the world Jewish population in 1933 to be 15, 315, 859, according to the World Almanac. (See images below.) It estimated the world Jewish population to be 15,748,091 in 1948 at the end of the war. These figures are inexplicable. Certainly, at least hundreds of thousands perished in those tragic years.


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