The Thinking 

Jewish Self-Delusion

August 29, 2017

HENRY MAKOW considers Jewish reaction to the famous headline, above, on the firing of Steve Bannon:

There is an incredible cognitive dissonance taking place when Jews hurl the aspersion “hate” at people who are simply resisting the hatred which is central to one of their most important religious texts, the Talmud.

The essence of their other central text, the Kabbalah is that Jews channel God’s will. They will redefine reality to serve their interests and perversions, and the goyim will be re-engineered and exploited accordingly. This is the true meaning of the New World Order.  The goy establishment has been created and defined by Kabbalah (i.e. Freemasonry.) Many Jews are warm, brilliant and industrious people. But they’re not “a holy nation.” Their leaders dupe them to champion “the underdog” to undermine their rivals.

Organized Jewry are the only people who have a licence to hate. They hate anyone who resists their dispensation.  Anyone who wants to be master in his own house is their enemy. They hate Trump because he seems to offer a lifeline for the people they wish to dispossess.

Ordinary Jews have a choice. Ignore the truth, and hope to benefit, or dissociate themselves from Organized Jewry, as I have done and champion a genuine diversity where various nations, races and religions retain their identity, and are masters of their own domain.

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