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The Tattooed Wimp

August 7, 2017

THIS is a funny cartoon (found here) that makes the same point I made in recent entries (here and here).

Tattoos are projections of pretend strength. Judging from appearances, individuals who suffer from weakness and uncertainty are more likely to get tattoos. Many people today are wimps inside. Their childhoods have been chaotic and often sad and confusing. Their minds have been reduced to mush by pseudo-education and popular culture. They have no courage or inner strength. Their bodies are mush too. Many look like walking marshmallows. The tattoo is a symbol of toughness, formerly favored by military men and outlaws. Just last week, I met a government clerk who had a huge tattoo across her chest that was visible under her blouse at work. She was otherwise sallow and unhealthy looking. The cast of her complexion was that of someone who had spent a long period of time in a prison cell. Despite her best efforts to appear tough, she projected an overwhelming impression of softness, or squishiness, and defeat, not confidence.

Many Americans today lack any sense of the glorious heritage of their own spiritual natures and that the body is literally a temple of an immortal soul created in an individual act of creation by God himself. We were created out of nothing and are only held in existence every moment of the day by the will of God. Tattoos are rank ingratitude.

Most people in the modern world are insane and don’t realize it. They are not living in reality. Our society is insane and imposes a fantasy world upon them.

They don’t realize that God has revealed himself and explained quite a lot. They don’t realize life has a divine purpose and there are specific instructions to follow. If they did, they would shed the facade of strength and seek the real thing from above. Strength comes from God. The path to heaven is arduous but the alternative — as we see all around us — is much worse.

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