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Office Bullies

August 8, 2017

JANE S. writes:

Okay, just for the sake of argument, let’s assume that Karen Rinaldi is right: marriage and motherhood are drudgery. She implies that a career is fulfilling and liberating. But she does not give a jot of supporting evidence.

Presumably, an established author like Rinaldi works from home, or maybe rents an office space. She is an elite who enjoys more autonomy and creativity than the majority of women in the workforce. I don’t know who if anyone cramps her style, unless it’s her publisher.

She should spend some time in the high-tech work environment, where you are under constant surveillance, where you are required to wear a badge that tracks your every move, where digital timekeepers monitor everything you do down to the microsecond, including your bathroom breaks.

We can then see time how long it takes before she’s had enough. It won’t be long. Then she can explain how spending eight hours a day suffocating in a cubicle is so much better than staying at home changing diapers.

Today’s typical work setting is not only more oppressive and soul-crushing than Rinaldi imagines, in her fictitious female empowerment world. Workplace bullying is rampant. It is said to be four times more prevalent than harassment based on illegal discrimination.

And, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute, “Woman bullies famously target other women in 80% of cases.” A supervisor is not only much harder to please than a husband, the supervisor who makes your life hell is more likely to be a woman. I can personally vouch for that.

This has been validated in the mainstream press: ABC News: “Women Bullies Often Target Other Women,” New York Times: “Backlash: Women Bullying Women at Work,” Forbes: “Why Women Are The Worst Kind of Bullies,” The Wall Street Journal: “The Tyranny of the Queen Bee,” Harvard Business Review: “How to Stop ‘Mean Girls’ in the Workplace,” Scientific American: “ 9 Ways to Deal with Adult Bullies and Mean Girls.”

Rinaldi’s nutty make-believe simply has no basis in the real world. Women make up half the labor force. Every place I have ever worked, middle management was wall-to-wall female. There is nothing to show that women have made the workplace a kindler, gentler, friendlier place. There is plenty to show that they have done everything to make it worse.

Feminists want you out of the home, into the workplace and into their clutches. The home was a woman’s last refuge from the tyranny of other women.

Jane adds:

The workplace has changed. My schtick these days is that the biggest enforcers of tyranny are employers. The feminists, the Rinaldis, are the useful idiots.

It’s not just women. Male bosses can be total jerks, too. I’ve had more than a few. But men are more task-oriented. In my experience, you give them what they want, they leave you alone. But women—lordy. Gossiping, scheming, hatching poisonous plots. It never stops.

A lot of organizations today—government bureaucracies, corporate bureaucracies, they’re both the same—have ranks of people whose work is really nonessential, so they devote all their energy to dumbing down the organization to make their jobs look necessary.

The people I have come to fear the most in the workplace are millennial females. If the feminist supervisor is the Wicked Witch, the millennial females are her winged monkeys. They will mock, taunt, snicker, sneer, make faces, harass, disrupt even to the point where you can’t work. Do it openly and with savage glee, while the older female supervisor looks the other way.


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