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An Arbiter of Bad Taste

September 8, 2017

THIS IS Lynn Yaeger, one of America’s most influential fashion experts.

Bad is good, false is true and ugly is beautiful in mentally ill America. Below is a photo of Catherine McManus, the Vogue fashion editor in 1950, when Catholic ideals of womanly dignity remained, mostly a superficial level, in American culture. The deeper principles had long since been lost, laying the foundation for the current Age of  Freaks.


— Comments —

Stephen Ippolito writes from Australia:

I am appalled to learn of Ms Yaeger’s status in the style firmament.

That is surely a hoax, no? But it is far too sad to be a joke.

She looks more like Effie Trinket’s addled grandmother.

If she doesn’t actually live in Panem’s capital then she surely owns a time-share there.

Not for the first time, I am reminded of Solzhenitsyn’s great essay: “Live Not By Lies”.

As he looks about and ponders the dishonest, morally-bankrupt Soviet society of 1974 that great thinker concludes: “What kind of tricks are they playing on us, and where are they dragging us?”

Susan-Anne White:

The Bible speaks of those who call evil good and vice versa and put bitter for sweet and vice versa. This “fashion designer” is a hideous embodiment of someone who is inside out, upside down and back to front. It is frightening to realise that this woman is not unusual in today’s society. She is the abnormal “norm.” Truly terrifying!

Penelope writes:

I had to google this beast for myself, as I couldn’t believe that was real. Talk about living in glass houses and casting stones, since has the gaul to critique Melania Trumps fashion sense.

There is something very nouvo-Germanic about Ms. Yaeger, she seems to embody the ugly, genderless aspirations of middle age Germanic women these days.

Well we all know who pays here checks to destroy our culture into worshiping the banal, boring and ugly. Ugly as sin.

Vogue’s daughter ‘Teen Vogue’ has come under fire for their recent publication informing young women on the how-to’s of anal intercourse. Trash begets trash.

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