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Anti-White Commercials

September 28, 2017


BRUCE B. writes:

My wife and I have noticed many anti-white commercials. There’s some very common themes. Whites behave in goofy, undignified ways while blacks have to suffer watching them, working with them, interacting with them (this is a common theme in the videos my company uses for its ethics training). Whites are nerdy losers who have bad fashion taste (e.g. the nerdy, short-sleeve-dress-shirt-and-tie look of an engineer or a McDonald’s manager, overweight white women wearing “mom jeans.”) Whites make the wrong choice of product, service, etc. and suffer for it while blacks make the correct choice and are happy, dignified, etc. Strong, athletic black man has to council white weakling or lazy, middle aged white male who isn’t manly enough for his wife. Whites engaging in crime that’s largely the domain of black men (e.g. burglary). White men are chubby, unserious, boyish, losers that minorities and white women have to suffer.

These are all commercials I have seen at home on TV that I could think of off the top of my head:

White (REALLY white, redheaded) family behaves ridiculously while dignified black man has to suffer them

White burglars (even though blacks are much likelier to be burglars). We have noticed that TV commercial burglars are nearly always white. Radio commercial burglars too (usually the burglar voices on alarm company radio commericals are northeastern ethnic whites e.g. New York Italians/Irish – they NEVER use black voices).

Black people make correct product/service choice and enjoy their product in comfort – whites are unattractive, undignified, sloppily dressed, idiots, etc.

Black father and daughter get good outcome – daughter is happy. White (Jewish?) guy is a loser whose car gets ripped off.

Large, athletic older black guy mentors/counsels small, tired, weak older white guy (there’s TONS of aging white strongmen they could have used for the black guys role – strongman competitions and powerlifting are dominated by white men.)

There’s another commercial I can’t find where a white family runs around the yard acting ridiculous to avoid purchasing insurance while a dignified, neighbor black family who purchased insurance watches on perplexed by the absurdities of the white family.

We have seen many more – this is what I could think of and find with google in a few minutes. I guess these commercials are a sign of our “white privilege.”

Laura writes:

It’s interesting to see what kind of junk people are exposed to on TV.

Perhaps give up TV altogether? I know it’s hard. Everyone needs to relax. If you find it difficult at first, persevere. Old movies are a good alternative.

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