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“Mancotting” The NFL

September 28, 2017

AMERICAN football fans have reacted with justified outrage to the anti-white bigotry and anti-police hate campaign of spoiled black NFL players. Too bad, though, that Mr. Patriotic American subverts so much of his protest energy and team spirit into watching these gladiators in the first place.

Mike King at The Anti-New York analyses the football protests and Trump’s criticism of players who refused to stand for the national anthem:

Trumpstein’s declaration of war and call for a boycott on the NFL & NBA represent a classic case of a clever politician doing the right thing, but for the wrong reasons. With his conservative / nationalist core constituencies shrinking due to his tiresome buffoonery, leftward movement and broken promises, this calculated move to fire-up the patriotard base may turn out to be a stroke of political genius for Ivanka’s daddy. Though Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times can see right through the Orange Clown’s tactical trickery, any damage done to the National Felons League will come as a welcome side-effect.

Yes, it’s high time that these Jewish-run leagues and their stables of ungrateful, whiny, low-IQ, anti-White, spoiled-rotten multi-millionaire, deadbeat dad brats be taught a lesson by the lazy fat White guys who attend their games, purchase their merchandise and watch them on the Idiotic Box. And to whatever extent that a sports boycott ends up re-focusing Boobus Footballicus attention on matters political, something good may actually come out of this — maybe. Let the leagues die and let the protesting punks work as dishwashers, janitors, busboys, pimps and crack dealers — those who don’t end up dead or in prison within a few months, that is.


Frankly, this trite tradition of playing the National Anthem before every single sports game is a malignant form of self-worship that was instituted at baseball games on the suggestion of Woodrow Wilson. The purpose was to whip up fake patriotism for World War I — a tragic event fought only for the benefit of Globalism and Zionism. Even back then, “they” (cough cough) understood the power of sports.

If players were to take a knee to protest something real, such as the America’s political and military oppression of the world, or the erosion of liberty here at home, we would strongly support that. But because these idiotic protests are motivated solely by bigotry against Whites and blind hatred against police officers, The Anti-New York Times, – in spite of Trumpstein’s manipulative personal motives in calling for it,wholeheartedly endorses the “mancott” of the NFL and NBA.

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Terry Morris writes:

I “Mancotted” the NFL over 20 years ago. And I haven’t missed it a bit.

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