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Is it Elitist to Wear a Tie?

October 19, 2017

KAEDE LIRA¬†answers objections to the necktie, including the complaint that it is inconsiderate of the poor to wear nice clothes. Yes, Lira says, the tie can be elitist but that’s okay:

One class should not sacrifice its own dignity in dress under the pretext that ceremonious clothing degrades the poor. The lower classes are always raised and elevated when they look to the elites and imitate them in their dignity of dress and manners. To say the opposite is to pay tribute to the fallacies of Communism and Miserablism.

— Comments —

S.K. writes:

As to wearing a tie being “elitist,” I would posit that the so-called “elitists” don’t wear ties at all. I am relatively poor and wear ties regularly. People make a bit too much out of clothing in some instances.

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