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Staged Massacre in Las Vegas

October 3, 2017

I have definitely schooled readers of this site in the art of manipulated news enough for them to reject, or be extremely skeptical of, reports that 58 people were killed, and some 200 wounded, Sunday night at a country music concert in Sin City, capital of organized crime and the perfect setting for another criminal and treasonous mass hoax. We cannot know all that transpired, but we can know that this is extremely fishy. Trump has paid his dues and now it is time for the deception artists in the government, police and controlled media to let loose, as they did under Obama.

How can we tell that this was another orchestrated effort to create mass fear, panic and distraction? Let’s list a few reasons:

*** The absolute implausibility of anyone quickly killing that many people from the 32nd floor. Most experienced soldiers, acting alone, could not have that kind of instant kill rate, let alone a 64-year-old retired accountant at such a distance. [Update: See this report on the physical impossibility of it. Were there multiple gunmen?] In order to kill someone instantly with a gun, in this day of advanced medicine, you have to hit him right in the head or the chest.

*** The implausibility of the scenes depicted on camera, which show no real carnage, no real gunshot wounds and just lots of people running and screaming. Do you have any idea what a scene in which 58 people have been shot dead and 200 wounded looks like? Sorry to be specific, but there would be blood, intestines, and brains everywhere, not dribbles of what appeared to be red tempura paint. I await that evidence, and suspend final judgment until it appears, as sad as it would be. The grisly scene, featuring heads blown apart and chest cavities ripped open, would have been captured by dozens of smart phones. Real life is not a movie.

*** The implausibility of the rescues, with the wounded transported like sacks of potatoes, even in a wheelbarrow and rolling desk chair, in all violation of standard emergency procedures fully available in a modern city.

*** The familiar “duping delight” smiles on some of the interviewed eyewitnesses, including a man who allegedly saw his best friend killed (notice how he looks to the sidelines for direction). This guy needs to go back to community theater:

Ha! Ha! It’s so much fun to take a severely wounded friend to the hospital:

*** The failure of police, who would have been at the scene from the beginning, to respond adequately. Even the police couldn’t keep a straight face.

*** Scripting of major news reports. For instance, most major outlets provided a timeline of events that was vague and was worded the exact same way throughout the country.

*** The suicide of the perpetrator, standard in mass hoaxes.

*** The rush to judgment, in violation of traditional journalism and forensics. The perpetrators in a false flag operation are always instantly identified and they must be because the whole point is to prey on people’s fears and create lasting, virtually unshakable impressions in spectators who feel as if they were actually at the scene because of the televised images.

*** Information instantly available about the middle class perpetrator, with his brother serving as a major character in the scripted plot to frame the White Man.

*** The glamorized photos of the deceased, who are always shown in hoaxes to be fun-loving, often beautiful, looking directly at the camera with huge smiles, and, in this case, the professionally taken photo of the backside and legs of a presumably dead woman, left implausibly unattended by everyone except the professional photographer on hand. Just google “dead woman” and “Las Vegas shooting” if you want to see it. Totally fake!! There is also the familiar commentary by relatives of the  deceased about what wonderful, loving people they were, another standard hoax feature. This is a real tip off to the presence of Freemasonry, with its Cult of Man and its desired frenzy of sentimental worship of human beings, to replace its mortal enemy: the sphere of the supernatural and divine, which stands squarely in the way of its World Government, rapidly coming to a stage near you.

*** From Mike King: “Another clue, to be found in the occult numbers which seem to always be associated with these events — Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, was originally sought for questioning as a “person of interest.” News reports described her as a 4’11 Asian woman weighing 111 pounds — (here) Why wouldn’t they just say about 5 feet and about 110?” And how absurd that they could know so quickly all this about her?

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that all this story was real. Then why is there not a raging public demand by relatives for an explanation as to the poor police response and the violation of emergency procedures? You will never see a public investigation into those things, I guarantee you, just as building codes were never changed after 9/11 even though three buildings, one of which was definitely never hit by a plane, collapsed. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that this was all as reported, then why is not a single major news outlet looking into other possible explanations than the perpetrator instantly identified? Reporters who are incapable of skepticism and lackeys for police spokesmen are incapable of performing their jobs. They should be sued for malpractice and fraud. Why are no journalists questioning the lack of carnage? Main stream journalists will never be encouraged to investigate this throughly because it is all scripted, regardless of whether people were killed or injured. Anyone who came forward and said, “Wait a minute …” will be instantly labeled insensitive, and hateful even, toward the deceased in this tear-drenched, teddy-bear stuffed land. The skeptics become the murderers.

Stephen Paddock, the alleged perpetrator and sinister star of this movie, is probably in the tropics right now, sipping daiquiries with his island woman. Oh, yeah, such a thing just couldn’t happen in a city overflowing with criminals, vice, organized theft and mass manipulation now, could it? You know, I’m increasingly impatient with Christians who allegedly believe in Original Sin but think they are entitled to live in a world in which Original Sin cannot exist on an organized level, with bribes, secrecy, threats, political ideology and all that? Sorry, folks, but you don’t make the rules of the netherworld. Satan does. Grow up.

I’m glad that you, dear reader, have a healthy capacity for disbelief and more important things to do than get caught up in this spectacle. I’d like to help you better understand this phenomena though in upcoming posts on Freemasonry and the secret societies which have long made organized deception possible in American government. Secrecy breeds deception.

— Comments —

Lydia Sherman writes:

In the list of things usually at a fake event, you missed one: the presence of (what I call “comedien”) Anderson Cooper:

Interviewing a victim

Monologue memorial for victims.

Laura writes:

A massacre isn’t a massacre with CIA Andy on hand.

His performances after Sandy Hook were brilliant.

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