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Cleaning Out a Mother’s Home

November 28, 2017

JEAN-PAUL writes:

I attach a picture I took in Le Petit Palais during our annual month in Paris. The young girl is, like many of the young Parisiennes, beautifully dressed, a child really, not an adult slob tourist as in your post yesterday.

I also attach a photo (below) of the street in front of our place in Paris.

My mother had a stroke last Christmas and is now paralyzed on the right side. Her mind is still clear but she must live in a wheelchair at a long-term care facility 3 minutes away from us and from her home of 67 years.

She moved into the house when she was a 25-year-old war bride, she was 92 this week. I’m 73, almost as old as her.

We must sell the house as she’ll never live there again and we are beginning to clear out 67 years of her things, her treasures. She was a homemaker and loved her home, it was her life.

Five lives were lived there. Every object, every room, filled with memories.

An interesting experience, not easy, as you must know.


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