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Moral Panic in Hollywood

November 9, 2017

Though the story has spilled over with Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman and others accused, the intense focus on Harvey Weinstein as Arch Demon in Hollywood continues. The irony, of course, is that Hollywood stars and movie makers are among the leading promoters of sexual license in the world. Sexual exploitation, including crimes against child stars, has always been part of doing business in the industry.

So whence all this righteousness from Hollywood?

In this interviewthe author E. Michael Jones argues that Hollywood has chosen a scapegoat in Weinstein to purge its own shame. In Jewish tradition, the scapegoat is literally a goat upon which sins are projected. The animal is then slaughtered. A pool of guilt and shame lies beneath Hollywood. “What we have here is moral panic, a community trying to deal with guilt by focusing on one guy,” Jones says.

Kate Winslet, to take one of the stars that has been heaping on Weinstein, portrayed a 36-year-old character in The Reader who has sex with a 15-year-old boy. She has also made her own porn sex tapes.

Kate Winslet engages in child porn in The Reader

Some of the women accusing Weinstein had consensual sex with him to advance their careers. The feminist narrative doesn’t fit.

“I think this is the underlying cause of the Weinstein thing. There are all these people who feel shame because of what they had to do to get these movies. This is not new. Hollywood has always been this way,” Jones says. “… Harvey is being singled out for doing what everyone does.”

Shame leads to repentance or shamelessness. In Jewish Hollywood, it leads to the shameless fixation on a scapegoat so that the corrupt industry can go on doing what it does. The financial decline of Hollywood, which now faces more competition from independent studios and producers for the home market such as Netflix, has contributed to Weinstein’s downfall since he no longer has the power to deliver on those favors.

By condemning Weinstein and a few others, Hollywood attempts to prove its own virtue — and earns the right to continue in its shamelessness.

This interview is based on an article by Jones in the November issue of his magazine Culture Wars.  Jones has offered the definitive critique of the Weinstein affair. In my view, there is nothing more to say than what he has said here.

— Comments —

Lydia Sherman writes:

I hesitate to suggest to anyone this was a media Sacrifice and a scapegoat. And I think they do this to politicians too. Else how is it they receive so much money and live so well after they have been “taken down?”

Laura writes:

That’s a good point. Some of its pure theatrics, but still his career is destroyed.

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