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The Texas Shootings

November 6, 2017


Bat Masterson


Here is a list of videos on the Texas shooting hoax. People would be better off watching decent actors on Gunsmoke and Wagon Train on YouTube than paying any attention to these shootings. At least the TV shows admit they have paid actors. These shootings are as real as the tale of Bat Masterson:

Bat Masterson became more widely known as a gunfighter as a result of a practical joke played on a gullible newspaper reporter in August 1881. Seeking copy in Gunnison, Colorado, the reporter asked Dr. W.S. Cockrell about mankillers. Dr. Cockrell pointed to a young man nearby and said it was Bat and that he had killed 26 men. Cockrell then regaled the reporter with several lurid tales about Bat’s exploits, and the reporter wrote them up for the New York Sun. The story was then widely reprinted in papers all over the country. Cockrell subsequently apologized to Bat, who insisted he was not even in Gunnison at the time. [Source]

I’ve pasted some of the interesting comments from one of the videos on the Texas drama below:

 Citizens comments:

>> “Victims” pronounced dead before doctors even saw them… sure sign and right on par for these hoaxes.

>> This church is behind this hoax!!! Pastor not Christian to allow this hoax at his church!!! Look at the date on the church sign! They are getting pretty slack on these Hoax

>> It seems strange that in the aerial footage you don’t see ambulances taking the wounded to the hospital. Kind of reminds me of Sandy Hook.

 >> Kills himself so he don’t have to go too fake court hahaha

>> Story published on web 4 days prior to event then listed occurring at 3 hours. Also, article written on 11/4/2017.

>> Where are the congregation vehicles ??

>> not a strip of crime scene tape in sight. suspicious to say the least.

>> You know what? You never hear from survivors of things like this. You’d think they’d make a youtube vid talking about their ordeal. There isn’t any vids of survivors out there that I know of. I don’t want to ever down play an incident like this, but you hear about it once and never hear about it again, perhaps, some of these could be misleading hoaxes to get you to push for gun legislation that only really affect the law abiding citizens rights. Something to think about.

>> Aerial video appears to be from old archive. Look at the old model cars in the “Breaking News”.

>> They needed something to cover up that vegas mistake I mean massacre

>> where are all victims cars??????? did they all walk there?????? I only see police cars!!!!!!!!      something is NOT right!!!!!!

>> Too bad the day before people caught on to the news about IT before it happened lol such idiots thes epsyops hoaxsters seriosuly, corrupt media, government and etc.

>> Is this the recent 18 Billion George Soros dollars at work?

>> It was a career moment for the B Presstitutes. They will definitely put this on their resumes.

>> I notice a common thread with all these news casters. They are a bunch of stuttering idiots who seem very uneasy in their reporting. Like they know discerning eyes are watching them and they are being exposed immediately now by numerous voices. Public trust in media all time low and they know it. They are losing at every turn. People are cutting the cords to tv in record numbers. Hollywood is going down in flames. The DNC is completely fucked. The RNC no better really involved in same shit. The dollar is being ditched. A perfect storm is brewing it seems.

>> A bunch of sell outs, my friend said they went to the pulse and there were no bullet holes.  Every place this has occurred gets government money to build, expand, etc.

>> Nothing on the gurney

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