The Thinking 

The Wardrobe of a Tree

November 5, 2017


Autumn, Fern Isabel Coppedge

TREES are never trendy.

A tree can’t say, “I’m tired of the smoldering golds and russets of fall. I think I’ll wear black instead.” It can’t put on shoulder pads or sweatshirts or ripped jeans. It can’t listen to big-name designers.

Year after year, generation after generation, it wears the same thing. And yet we don’t tire of its fashions. Its style is timeless. It has nothing to hide, no need for modesty, no will to deny its essential nature. The dresses and skirts of trees have a perfection our garments can never match. Beauty isn’t boring. Seas of ugliness cannot destroy the messages of trees. Somewhere the orchards are eternal.

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