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Trump the Peacemonger

November 18, 2017


MIKE KING writes at The Anti-New York Times:

We must give [Donald Trump] credit for the most important goal that he has achieved [in his almost one year in office], namely, the apparent defusing of the World War III time-bomb scenario which Soros-Obongo-Killary-McCain were driving us towards. Killing the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, chipping away at ObongoCare, cutting regulations, pulling us out of the Paris Climate Scam and resisting gun control schemes in the face of continued crisis actor “mass shootings” orchestrated by the “Deep State” should all be applauded as well. Had that hideous hag been elected, the communist world government express, with its inevitable clash with Russia & China, would have been rolling at full speed ahead.

To achieve world peace, Trump had to neutralize the warmongers by talking as if he were a neo-con warmonger while quietly working for peace on the “down low.” The subtle and not-so-subtle threats of war against Syria, Iran and North Korea were all just theater. Trump pleased McCain and Sulzberger’s Slimes by threatening President Assad and, while having dinner in Florida with President Xi Jinping of China, bombing an empty field in Syria (here); but then, just 10 weeks later, he cut off the CIA’s weapons transfers to “the moderate rebels” in Syria. (here) Assad wins!

Trump pleased Satanyahoo by railing against “the Iran deal” and threatening to undo it, all the while knowing full well that the multi-nation deal cannot be undone unilaterally. Trump shocked the world (including us!) by threatening to destroy North Korea with “fire and fury” and childishly referring to its leader as “rocket man,” all the while working with North Korea’s ally, Xi Jinping of China, to keep the peace in the region.

Thanks to the triumvirate of Trump, Putin and Xi, we are convinced that there will be no regional war in the Middle East nor on the Korean peninsula.

I hope Mr. King’s assessment is correct. I would happily withdraw my harsh criticism of Trump if it were.

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