The Thinking 

Appreciation from a Millennial

December 4, 2017

KYLE writes:

It’s really not my style to pay tribute to strange people on the internet whom I’ve never met in person, but you should know that your observations have helped me see life differently. When I found your site it was like I’d finally found a cozy, Austenian place I could go and see the pure things in life through the eyes of someone who understands what true beauty is.

I pray that you don’t lose heart in these times. I guess we all struggle with despair in today’s world. I do, too. I know many people of your generation who are decent people, dismayed by the vulgar culture around us. I’m a millennial Kentucky boy. I grew up in a time of Jerry Springer, online pornography, hook-up culture, DARE drug resistance education and the urbanization of suburban America through rap “music.” I’ve had my fill of it all. As long as I have an ounce of gumption and the Lord wills it, I’ll do my part to inform others of my generation and help bring back the good times, if there are any to be had.

I have more gray hair than I did ten years ago, I’ve carried too many coffins for my age and my joints ache a little bit more each year but I still have gas left in the tank.

Laura writes:

Thank you for your warm appreciation.

We live in apocalyptic times. This is the greatest of all adventures.

I wish you much success, and hope you will write again.

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