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Modesty is Not Necessarily Ugly

December 18, 2017

THE FASHION industry deprives women of clothes that are both beautiful and modest. That’s what makes this Vogue cover of October notable and extraordinary. The actress Rooney Mara is dressed in a gown that is feminine, modest and charming. The dress is also unusual because it is not a solid color. Pattern, as the blogger Kidist Paulos Asrat has argued, is eschewed by modern designers, who live in a realm of abstractions. Pattern evokes the beauty of the natural world and a cheerful view of life, instead of the angst of modernity.

— Comments —

Paul A. writes:

You might want to go back and re-think your comments on the Vogue cover.

Ms. Rooney Mara is half naked.

The “black” in her dress is black gauze, and you can see her legs, and the rest of her body, including her bra-less breasts.

You should know that entities like Vogue do not do modesty, unless it is to mock that virtue or to tear it down.

Laura writes:

Hmm .. maybe you’re right. I thought it was opaque fabric, along with the blue in the skirt (it is not the same blue as the water behind). I cannot see her legs, but I will take your word for it.

And I thought I could say one positive thing about Vogue. I saw it in a waiting room somewhere and was struck by it. (I don’t read or even open Vogue. It’s too depressing. The clothes are generally so ugly.)

Miss Marra also is wearing that awful black lipstick, which makes her look like a witch.

Well, at least there’s the Hillary article inside.  : – )

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