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Philanthropy at Amazon

January 16, 2018

JEFF BEZOS, the billionaire owner of Amazon, has pledged $33 million in scholarships for illegal immigrants to study at American colleges — a much applauded act of treason. (The entrepreneur, who has received millions in corporate welfare, could have given scholarships for immigrants to study in their home countries or, even better, given scholarships to Americans.)

Meanwhile, a reported 700 Amazon employees need food stamps to survive.

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Sebastien writes from France:

Why pledge $33 million? Why not pledge $30 million or $35 million ?

The illuminati are hidden in plain sight, and just like the devils that they are, they always leave a small piece of their tail showing. In this case, it’s the magic numbers like 6, 13 and 33.

The story of the 13 children allegedly tortured and imprisoned by the Turpin family is also suspicious. The story really fits the narrative that religious parents who homeschool are weird and dangerous.

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