The Thinking 

A Masculine Dilemma

January 10, 2018


“IN MODERN society, sexual relations with women are becoming the chief way many men assert their sexual identity. But in most of the world’s societies, sexual relations follow achievement of manhood or accompany it.”

— George Gilder, Men and Marriage

— Comments —

O Braga writes:

[In other words,] sexual relations should be a social consequence, not a cultural
cause of manhood.

With the advent of Christianity, the sexual relation was legitimized by the social relation that it created — even (in the Middle Ages) when Catholic priests presided to the so called “clandestine” weddings, when the bride and groom married against the will of the respective parents and families.

But, in modern times, western elites (followed by a trickle-down effect that extended this cultural phenomena to the humblest men) went back to Greek and Roman pagan times, in which the sexual relation was an affirmation of manhood — but without the pagan gods (which is even worse
than the old paganism).

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