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A Feminist’s War against Justice

February 6, 2018


FEMINIST and lawyer Catherine MacKinnon has worked tirelessly to undermine principles of legal justice, including the presumption of innocence, in the name of righting wrongs against women.

Scott H. Greenfield writes:

She’s proven remarkably capable of asserting her narrative as reality, inexplicably managing to simultaneously promote two facially inconsistent beliefs without the slightest hint of cognitive dissonance.

Women are strong and smart. They can be and do anything.

Women are weak and afraid. They need special protections and lesser demands of the law.

To note this inconsistency isn’t to be fair, to believe in equality, but to be a tool of the Patriarchy, and thus attacked with ad hominems under the guise of having a discussion. And it was the law that failed women, which is why any comparison of accuser and accused was a false equivalency.

He sums up:

It’s taken MacKinnon a lifetime to undermine the legal system, to create a narrative that eliminates all reason, all principle, from the rage of the mob. She was the high priestess of a religion, and she managed to get people to believe in her god. Now the god demands sacrifices.

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