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Feminism: The Nihilistic Stage

February 9, 2018


Sarah Silverman jokes about eating an aborted fetus.


Feminists are now finding out that self-hatred is a dead end street and having driven down it at full speed they are now hitting the wall. The wall is called reality. There is no happy ending for those who follow ideologies, it’s impossible because one can never win a clash with truth. If you are taught to hate yourself (even without realising it), your sex and your race and choose to believe that’s what you must do, then it’s certain you have no future and can’t offer one either.

Communism and Nazism should be a lesson to those addicted to political Feminism, ideologies always end in the destruction of the believers, in this case themselves. To accept certainty about who you are and reject the confines of political correctness is liberating. However, it will take courage for any of them to draw back from the precipice, to love instead of lie, to humble themselves,  but it can be done. For such we must pray.  However, no mercy should be shown towards ideologies, mercy is shown towards persons not political doctrines. Feminism has past its use by date and is well into the nihilistic stage. The feminists of the 60’s taught white women to hate their unborn, to dismiss them as something alien instead of life of their life and blood of their blood. The unborn were to be viewed as something hindering self-fulfillment. Where has that ended up for them? It has led from dehumanising their unborn into dehumanising themselves. One cannot deny natural absolutes without suffering harm.

During a charade, Comedienne Sarah Silverman said that conscience clause law that prevented aborted fetuses from being used in manufactured food products would be a reason for her to “eat an aborted fetus.”

Laura writes:

Silverman is the potty-mouthed Jewish feminist who has joked that she would crucify Christ again if she could and has described Jesus visiting her. (Foul language warning.)

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