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The Moral Imperative of 9/11

February 8, 2018


“STRIVING for and supporting 9/11 truth and justice is nothing less than the moral imperative of our time. Some might ask, why? Some will say we have lived quite alright since 9/11. Why is it our moral imperative to support 9/11 truth and justice?

There are two basic reasons why it is. Firstly, because 9/11 is a global deception that was used to impose upon us a false narrative to transform our nation and society and take us into an open-ended and criminal war of aggression known as the War on Terror. After 15 years of waging this criminal war agenda we have killed over 1 million innocent people and destroyed the lives of millions more. By accepting the false narrative of 9/11 foisted on us by the terrorist masterminds themselves we have accepted a false reality, imposed on us through deception.

Secondly, by not investigating and prosecuting the real criminals behind 9/11 we have let them get away with the atrocity of mass murder of 3,000 people on 9/11. By accepting their false narrative we have empowered and enriched the very terrorist masterminds behind this outrageous crime. As Socrates said, criminals who go unpunished become only worse. So, by failing to prosecute the real criminals behind 9/11 we subject ourselves, our children, and our nations to their agenda of war and terrorism — which can only get worse and more violent.

This is why it is our moral imperative to support 9/11 truth and justice. Nothing could be more important to our survival and the welfare of our nation(s). We have a very real moral obligation to be active in our support of 9/11 truth and justice.”

Christopher Bollyn, author and investigative journalist

— Comments —

Kyle writes:

If you want to elicit cognitive dissonance from the average person on the subject of 9/11, one only has to bring up the Pentagon. Why isn’t there clear video footage of a commercial airliner hitting the Pentagon? In all of these years only one video is available and it’s the security booth footage that is so low-resolution that it had to be deliberate to cover for the fact that a missile was likely shot into it. Doesn’t the Pentagon have more than one security camera on its premises? The surrounding businesses in the area?

Just look at the “wreckage” photographs that have been tirelessly examined in the years since and one can only come to the same conclusion as the tin-foil crowd: the plane they claimed hit the Pentagon did nothing of the sort. A landing tire and some scrap metal is what we see littered on the lawn? So, the plane just evaporated? As the George Strait song goes, “and if you’ll buy that I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free.”

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