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The Obama Portraits

February 12, 2018


KYLE writes:

The National Portrait Gallery unveiled two new additions to the presidential art collection today: Barack and Michelle Obama. The new portraits confirm again that this nation made a grave error in assuming this man would be a “racial healer.”

The pictures have been described as “breaking tradition” with presidential portraits of the past. The primary portrait shows a seated Barack Obama, arms folded in lap, enveloped by a wall of greenery and flowers blooming around him. Michelle’s portrait, equally garish, shows her seated in a long, flowing dress with black and gray triangular designs. The commissioned artists, both African American, have portfolios that exclusively feature African Americans. Both artists have been candid with how much race influences their style and choice of subject matter. Surprise–their work is critical of white people.

Kehinde Wiley, an artist from Los Angeles and painter of Barack’s portrait, has painted images of black women holding the severed head of white women on at least two occasions. [Ed. — He is shown above making a Masonic hand sign — too obviously.] His work often reflects African American men replacing white men in scenes throughout Western art. One of Wiley’s most notable paintings is a bastardization of Jacques-Louis David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps. Wiley’s version erases Napoleon and replaces him with a thuggish, rap-star lookalike.

There is a growing trend in modern art culture that displays white people as the fetishized targets of violence. In 2015, former heroin addict and three time felon, Cleon Peterson, was hired to paint a 500-square meter mural underneath the Eiffel Tower. The mural, titled Endless Sleep, displays white and black figures holding hands in a circle, with a white female being embraced by a black male at the center. If one runs an internet search for the works of Cleon Peterson one will find countless scenes of white people being assaulted and brutalized by black people. When put into context of his being commissioned to paint a mural in Paris, one that openly displays white women being the lustful target of black men, it’s not an intellectual jump to see the wider agenda with the European Union’s immigration policies.

To give you an idea of his professional connections, last spring Peterson was hired by members of the Rothschild family to create a design for one of their high speed boats. His work is hosted by New Image Art in West Hollywood, California–an art gallery founded by Marsea Goldberg. The gallery is also responsible for launching the artist of Obama’s 2008 “Hope” campaign poster, Shepherd Fairey.  For the record, Fairey was also the first person to offer Peterson a job during his recovery from heroin addiction.

The suicidal self-denial of Europe and America’s collective histories is coming full circle when the work of the aforementioned artists are sanctioned by public leaders in an official capacity.

— Comments —

Laura writes:

Symbols of homosexuality and transgenderism abound in these portraits. They include the chrysanthemum, the triangle and stripes. The pictures seem to confirm what many people have suspected about Mr. and Mr. Obama.

Aside from that, they’re the sort of portraits teenagers would dream of if they were elected president for a day.

All our political leaders are vile and disgusting. They should be put en masse on a ship and taken to some remote island.

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