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Category Archives: Abortion

Another Women’s Anti-Health Initiative

  UNDER a new FDA ruling, the abortion-inducing drug known as the morning-after pill will be available on regular pharmacy shelves to girls as young as 15 without a prescription. The federal government once again shows itself to be the committed and unstoppable enemy of women. Feeding toxins to young girls and preventing procreation are […]

The Stupid Party Throws Akin to the Wolves

  THE RESPONSE of the Republican Party to the ”legitimate rape” remarks made by Missouri Congressman Todd Akin show once again how, on cultural issues, the GOP would rather concede than defend its views or attempt to persuade. When asked to explain his position that abortion should not be allowable in cases of rape, Akin said: “If it’s a legitimate rape, […]

Women Charged with Crime for Abortion

  JEANETTE V. writes: Interesting how this woman who induced her own abortion at 20 weeks is being portrayed as a victim. She is a victim – of feminism and the cheapening of sex and marriage and ultimately of human life.

Walking the Walk, and Breast Cancer Lies

  IF WOMEN knew the truth about the causes of breast cancer, would they behave with such silliness and immodesty at breast cancer fundraising events such as the recent Moonwalk in London? Would they be so enthusiastic about supporting the organizations that are, if not lying to them, at least consistently downplaying the truth? The […]

Professors Call for Infanticide

  Francesca Minerva, a professor of ethics at the University of Melbourne MRS. Z. writes: Perhaps you saw this article from The Blaze. According to two ethicists from Australian universities, in a recent article in the Journal of Medical Ethics, newborns should not be considered persons, and therefore doctors and parents should be allowed to […]

Contraception and the Culture War

MARY writes: Mike Adams writes eloquently about the issue of abortion and he is right: pre-1973 thinking about abortion is not enough. How about pre-contraception? Elizabeth Anscombe wrote this of contraception in 1972: “… what can’t be otherwise we accept; and so we accept death and its unhappiness. But possibility destroys mere acceptance. And so it […]

The Pro-Abortion Young

  SEE THIS video of a recent pro-abortion rally of mostly white young people in Chicago. Leaving aside their crude behavior and depressingly ugly clothes and hairstyles, it is interesting how these protesters seem to be oblivious of the thousands of infertile couples eager to adopt babies or of the fact that since abortion became widely available the number […]

Abortion and Unwed Motherhood

  TRAVEL THROUGHOUT America, into small towns, or big suburbs or dense cities, and you will find the phenomenon of single motherhood. One of the most obvious developments of recent years is the lower middle-class white girl who comes from an intact or relatively intact family and who ends up as a single mother. She finds […]

Memories of Indoctrination

  JILL FARRIS writes: Thank you for posting this article. Planned Parenthood is a for-profit agency that makes millions of dollars exploiting women. It has always targeted blacks and minorities from the very beginning of its history (as the Birth Control League started by Margaret Sanger). If you doubt that PP targets blacks, check out how many […]

A Word for Adoption

  KAREN writes: Regarding the discussion over abortion and adoption, I just had to offer a few thoughts. I am adopted and I was adopted into a family that has been plagued with some amount of infertility in every generation.  There are at least seven people who are adopted in our extended family.  It is a […]

Nursed for Ages

  EXPATRIOT writes: Perhaps this poem would be an inspiration to the woman who is considering abortion. I’ve always found it to be especially moving. It’s Rabindranath Tagore’s own English translation of his Bengali original. Actually I’ve seen several slightly different versions over the years, but this is the one I know by heart.   The […]

Where are the Pregnancies on Campus?

  JAMES N. writes: My wife and I were sitting by the fire, with the five girls enjoying a snow day, when I took the opportunity to go through your archives, and I read “Emmie’s Future.” For me, the money quote is yours: “The sexual revolution did not free people from inhibitions and guilt. If it had, […]

Clinical Murder

  ABBY JOHNSON is former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. In her new book, The Ultrasound that Changed my Life, Johnson describes the day she was called in to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion. An excerpt of her shocking account is now available on LifeSite News. Johnson, who worked for eight years for Planned […]

Why the Culture War is a Religious War

  THE DEMOCRATS could have their health care reform. They could summon the votes if they abandoned the hope of government-funded abortion. Why don’t they concede on an issue ancillary to the goal of nationalized medicine? On the Stupak amendment, Lawrence Auster writes: It’s fascinating that the campaign to nationalize health care, which Stupak otherwise supports, is crashing in a […]