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15 Specific Proofs of Obama’s Detestation of America

  SPENCER WARREN writes: 1. In an NPR interview in 2001, Obama sharply criticized the Constitution for guaranteeing ‘negative liberties,’ i.e. for restricting the government in order to protect the liberty of the individual, but not ‘positive liberties,’ as embodied in welfare and other ‘rights’ similar to those found in the constitutions of Cuba, North […]

Two Presidents on the Role of Women

  Theodore Roosevelt, March 13, 1905 No piled-up wealth, no splendor of material growth, no brilliance of artistic development, will permanently avail any people unless its home life is healthy, unless the average man possesses honesty, courage, common sense, and decency, unless he works hard and is willing at need to fight hard; and unless […]

SPLC’s Hate Lists

  I DID not realize until today that the militantly anti-white Southern Poverty Law Center, which lists websites such as View from the Right and Vdare as “hate groups,” also defines traditionalist Catholics devoted to the Tridentine liturgy as extremist haters. That’s interesting. It seems wherever there is life, the SPLC is there to smear […]

More on Ann Barnhardt

  JOHN E. writes: My wife and I have discussed the phenomenon of Ann Barnhardt on a few different occasions. We both find her intriguing and have basically concluded about her what she concludes about herself – that she is an anomalously masculine woman, that masculinity does not find its optimum expression in her because […]

Race Was Not the Key Factor in Romney’s Defeat

  JESSE POWELL writes: Even though it is clear that non-whites vote Democratic much more than whites do, it is also true that the racial make-up of the states that voted for Obama is not that much different from the states that voted for Romney. In actuality, the racial make-up of the states that Obama […]

As Hope for Romney Fades, a Supporter Cheers on

  JEREMY MORRIS writes: A few moments ago I was browsing Twitter and happened upon a tweet by a female Romney supporter. I thought that you might find it interesting, for lack of a better term.

Obama’s Mock Folksiness

  OBAMA takes his job with such a striking lack of seriousness that one questions whether he truly wants a second term. I believe he does not truly want a second term (Michelle surely does want it). One of the most despicable, albeit minor, examples of this lack of seriousness is his habit of referring […]

Marriage and the Ballot

  SAME-SEX “marriage” has never been approved by voters in any state, but will be on the ballot in four states next week: Maine, Washington, Maryland and Minnesota. Unsurprisingly, the New York Times does not believe the issue should be submitted to the electorate at all. An editorial in today’s paper openly objects to democratic processes. The editorial […]

Rand and Ryan

  AT The Orthosphere, Bonald wonders why Paul Ryan has not more emphatically rejected his previous enthusiasm for Ayn Rand: [A]ren’t we entitled to a major speech in which he totally renounces her and all her works and all her empty promises?

Neither Romney nor Obama

  AT The Orthosphere, Proph argues that it is morally wrong for Catholics and any “men of good faith” to vote for either of the two major-party candidates for president. He writes: Those who choose to exercise their right to vote should …. either vote for a morally commendable third party candidate (if one can […]

A Question from the Audience

  AT LAST NIGHT’S presidential debate, Obama mentioned Planned Parenthood, which really should be called Planned Non-Parenthood or Eugenics Anonymous, no less than five times and spoke glowingly of the need for every woman to have contraceptives for free. Can you imagine George Washington or Eisenhower speaking of the need to widely distribute chemicals to prevent […]

Lies about Equal Pay

  WHEN Mitt Romney was asked by Katherine Fenton at last night’s presidential debate, “In what new ways do you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace, specifically regarding females making only 72 percent of what their male counterparts earn?” did he dare to speak the truth and say that these discrepancies in earnings […]

Same-Sex Unions in Maryland “for the Kids”

  THIS maudlin Washington Post story, more editorial than balanced reporting, argues that the same sex “marriage” law on the Maryland ballot is in the interest of children, echoing the slogan used by Gov. Martin O’Malley, who says people should vote for homosexual unions “for the kids.” That’s right. The governor of Maryland believes that […]

The Relatively Silent Debate about Contraceptives and Health

  IN THE latest entry about the issue of cancer, abortion and oral contraceptives, Samson, a physician, writes: [M]ost doctors are utterly unaware of the abortion-OCP-and-breast-cancer controversy. Understand: it’s not merely that most doctors disagree that there is a link, but most have not heard that there is a debate surrounding the issue whatsoever. When […]

Biden the Joker

  A GREAT ad by the RNC on Biden’s grinning and laughing during the debate. Lawrence Auster captures the meaning of these grins: Biden’s constant guffawing while Ryan was speaking—conveying the message, “I can’t believe Ryan is telling such a howler of a partisan lie, I just can’t believe it!”—epitomizes the liberal domination of U.S. politics. […]