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Category Archives: Boys and School

A Televised School for Boys

  BOYS AND GIRLS are different; they do not easily learn side by side as children. Segregated schools make sense. A British reality show about a school for boys is drawing some attention to this long lost idea. Gareth Malone, who made his name in the series The Choir, is star of the show Gareth […]

The Boy Revolution

  Six years ago, I took one of my sons, who was then 10, to a bowling alley about 30 minutes from our home. It was a weekday afternoon and the alley had been reserved for homeschoolers. I was stunned when I walked in the door. The place was filled to the rafters with boys. And, from […]

Boys and School

  Karen I. writes: I have two school age children, a boy and a girl. My girl, who is under age 10 (I don’t want to be too specific), does amazingly well in our public school system. The teachers can’t say enough good about her. They don’t find a single fault with her, ever. She […]