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Fighting Breast Cancer, Emasculating America

     USA TODAY reports: Bob Carey is not afraid to bare his emotions. Or anything else. Carey appears in a pink tutu — and only a pink tutu — in a new book of photographs, Ballerina, created to support his wife, Linda, who has advanced breast cancer. Each of the 61 photographs in the […]

A Breast Cancer Story

    CHARNETTE MESSÉ had an abortion and used oral contraceptives. She believed these led to breast cancer in her thirties. In this video, she discusses her experience. As far as I know, it is not possible for Messé to have known conclusively that either the abortion or synthetic hormones caused her cancer. Nevertheless, there is […]

One Response to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  SJF writes: I walked into the kitchen today at work and witnessed two young, very health-conscious women reading the label of a yogurt container and discussing whether it contained harmful chemicals. Both of these women most likely take hormonal contraceptives, and both walked in the recent breast cancer awareness walk/run. Given the chemicals in […]

Breast Cancer and Feminism

  ANDY NOWICKI writes at AlternativeRight about Breast Cancer Awareness Month: During October, everything in sight is painted pink—the chosen color of feminine “empowerment,” I suppose—and a bevy of worn, weary “survivors” are regularly trotted out as exemplars of womanly courage and fortitude. I have nothing against women with breast cancer, of course; indeed, I wish […]

Walking the Walk, and Breast Cancer Lies

  IF WOMEN knew the truth about the causes of breast cancer, would they behave with such silliness and immodesty at breast cancer fundraising events such as the recent Moonwalk in London? Would they be so enthusiastic about supporting the organizations that are, if not lying to them, at least consistently downplaying the truth? The […]

The Komen Foundation and Lies About Women’s Health

  ONLY in an environment in which feminist orthodoxy prevails would a major sponsor of breast cancer research be forced to fund an organization that causes breast cancer. In the recent controversy over the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s support of Planned Parenthood – the foundation withdrew funding from Planned Parenthood and then restored it under public pressure –  evidence that abortion and contraception contribute to the incidence […]


  JANE writes: Thanks for the great commentary on the Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s Pinkwashing of America. This month a promotional perfume was launched for breast cancer fundraising called Promise Me. What a name. Promise Me. Just a bit suggestive, I’d say. What are we talking, vows? Weird! The ingredients include these toxic chemicals: Galaxolide, a […]

Is Breast Cancer a Feminist Cause?

  SEE the ongoing discussion of fundraising for breast cancer. Breast cancer research is a worthy and important cause. Breast cancer is a terrible evil. But why do women seem to show far more interest in their own health than that of others? And, since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, why are we not insistently reminded by […]

The Indiscreet, In-Your-Face, Sickly Sweet, Ever Pervasive Campaign Against Breast Cancer

  KENDRA writes: I was watching a football game at a restaurant the other night, and noticed that some of the male players were wearing light pink shoes and other accessories. My husband told me that it is a campaign for breast cancer awareness, and I found this to be absurd.

Contraceptives, Abortion and Breast Cancer

  THE SHOCKING silence of the mainstream media regarding the link between the birth control pill and breast cancer is explored in this episode of the Michael Coren Show. See the segment (at 23 minutes) which features Dr. Angela LanFranchi, of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute. Studies have shown that both abortion and oral contraceptives are what […]

The Breast: Sacred and Profane

  Can you imagine any portion of the male anatomy deified as the female breast has been in recent years? If there were ten-foot phallic symbols lining the mall in Washington, would we be any more in thrall to masculinity than we are to femininity in our current state of outright breast-worship? Last week, newspapers and TV […]