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Category Archives: Clothing

Beyond Ugly Jeans and Exercise Wear

  LAUREN writes: I am eight weeks post partum with our third child and my husband has given me the opportunity to purchase some new clothes. I spent much of this pregnancy wearing dresses (mostly because it was a hot summer), but I felt much more feminine in them. Interestingly, it seemed to help my […]

The Proletarianization of Children’s Clothes

  KAREN writes: I’m visiting my in-laws in North Alabama, and stopped by the local outdoor, upscale mall. They have a lot of stores that you can only find in large cities, and I enjoy window shopping there and occasionally picking up some stuff on sale. Anyway, I wanted to stop at the Strasburg Children […]

A Movie Theater With a Dress Code

  ALAN writes: Many excellent points were made in the recent discussions, here and here, of proper dress. I contribute this additional example: In 1957, the manager of a motion picture theatre in North Tonawanda, New York, was plagued with rowdy behavior by youngsters dressed in leather jackets, blue jeans, shorts, and boots. So he decided to […]

More on Pursuing Prettiness

  THE DISCUSSION in the previous entry of the search for modest and feminine clothing in the desert of feminist junkwear and ultra-bland chinos and polo shirts continues here. It has yielded great suggestions from readers of retailers and styles. You can even go so far as to buy historical reenactment wear. This dress above could be worn with […]

In Pursuit of Prettiness

AMY writes: I have been enjoying your blog for nearly two years now and have been enjoying a look down “blog memory lane” while perusing your archives. The wisdom contained in your archives is immense and your perspective both refreshing and fascinating. Several afternoons a week I sit at my computer with a cup of tea […]