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Families Then and Now

May 9, 2012


VINCENT C. writes:

When one reaches a certain age – mine – and looks back at today’s child rearing practices, I cannot help but notice how U.S. society has been transformed in the past half century. No societal change has been more dramatic than the victory, temporary, I would pray, of convincing young women to allow other people to raise their children. Where I live in Northern Virginia this profound mistake is accepted as readily as many young women accept advice about such things from the feminists who dominate “The View.” Sending babies to “day care” when the child is 6 months old can only be explained if one understands that far too many of today’s mothers see that practice lauded on the television programs they watch, the books they read, and is further nurtured in the movies they view, and the classes they attended. In short, it is pervasive. Read More »


More on Non-Maternal Care

July 28, 2011


KATE writes:

I wanted to make a comment that goes along with the caregiver’s comment in the previous entry, and that speaks to the differences between children who are in day “care” and those who are raised early in the home. It is absurd to me that we are still having this debate. I guess we just don’t (or won’t) believe the truth, no matter the evidence that abounds. I have been working in the “early educaton field” for almost 30 years now, and have been in every scenario. I’ve worked in “childcare/preschool;” private sector, Christian/Church, public schools, and now, Head Start. I teach in a classroom where I rarely see any parents. My children are bused (yes, three- and four-year-olds) to and from school every day, with the exception of two or three who are brought to school by a family member. The separation anxiety I now see is children totally disconnecting from the parent image. They are so disregarded at home, they have not bonded truly with anyone, except for maybe an older sibling. Read More »


A “Caregiver” Shares Her Notes

July 27, 2011



I am no early education scholar, and I do not hold an advanced degree in child psychology, but I have taken care of children (my own and those of other people) for twenty years. Somehow, I feel at least moderately qualified to add to your recent posts about maternal employment and its effects on children.  Read More »


Day Care Delusions

February 16, 2010


Kathleen writes:

I recently engaged in a debate via the Washington Post. What caught my eye was the title, “Caring for a Newborn Doesn’t Have to Hurt Your Career.” Read More »


The Parisian Nanny

February 8, 2010


Sebastien writes in response to Nanny Power:

It’s a with great deal of interest that I follow your blog from where we are in Paris. 

We have two boys, one of 18 months and the other of three years. In our building there are four households, including our own, that have young children. My wife is a full-time mum and has no desire to change this. The other three families have nannies. Read More »

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