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Category Archives: Deaths of Children in Hot Cars

On Children Stowed in Hot Cars

  HURRICANE BETSY writes: This will make some people mad, but I have nothing but sorrow for normal people (not psychopaths) who just have this sudden memory blackout and leave their children in the car in the sorts of situations you describe. They have to live with the consequences of what they did for the rest […]

Death by Distraction

  HERE IS another one of those cases of fatal distraction, similar to ones discussed here before. A Puerto Rican doctor was on her way to work when she forgot that her baby was in the car. She returned to her parked vehicle hours later to discover the baby dead. This mother is to be pitied. She must pay the ultimate penalty for accepting an artificial way of […]

Babies in Cars

  FROM an Associated Press article today about the unusually high number of young children (18 altogether) who have died so far this year after they were left or trapped in cars: Safety groups such as Kids and Cars and Safe Kids USA urge parents to check the back seat every time they exit the vehicle and […]

The Fatally Distracted Parent

  THIS ARTICLE is almost too upsetting to read. The Washington Post examines the relatively rare, but increasingly common, incidence of children who die when they are left unattended in the back seats of cars during warm weather. It’s horrific. One child reportedly pulled out all her hair before succumbing. Some of the parents have faced criminal charges. All of the […]