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Interviews with Chassidic Women

December 13, 2012


BUCK writes:

An entry at VFR discusses and links to an article by Daniel Greenfield in which he discusses a possible way to restore America through by limiting immigration, cultural secession and by properly marshaling the forces of traditionalist demographics. Greenfield discusses how the Amish and Chassidic Jews successfully segregate their culture from others with little friction. He mentions a Chassidic community that was visited by Oprah that had no idea who she was. I found the video.

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The Motions of Home

February 23, 2010


LYDIA SHERMAN writes about the almost imperceptible motions of the experienced homemaker:

Some women make people run to the far corners of the house because of their aggressive attack on housekeeping; others can do it in such a way that it becomes poetic. I had a friend in my early days that fascinated me by her approach to homemaking. Though she never appeared to “do” much, she was always moving about, picking up things and straightening, and never sat down until she had briefly gone through the room and put it aright.  Read More »


Hug for a Feminazi

February 12, 2010


BJH writes:

Having read your blog, I am going to go out and find the biggest, hairy-leggiest feminazi I can and give her a big old hug. I am then going to fall to my knees and thank the “higher power” that I have grown up during a time when antiquated views like yours are in the minority. Read More »

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